Patient Testimonials

ERIN Before Image.jpg

Meet Erin, a Synergy success story. Erin has lost 120 lbs. and over 80% of her excess body weight in just one year following surgery. More importantly she feels great. Erin states:

"I feel like I have a lot more control of my life than I had prior to the procedure. And I feel really good. I have a lot of energy and things that used to be difficult aren't anymore. I'm doing really well."

Watch Erin's appearance on WNY Living with Dr. Caruana by clicking here.

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Meet Melissa, another Synergy success story. Melissa has lost 68 lbs. and over 40% of her excess body weight in the 6 months following her procedure. She also feels great! Melissa states:

"I loved my doctor. The staff was very attentive and caring and I couldn't have asked for better nurses. This was a life-saving experience. It was a very hard decision to make but I'm so glad that I made the decision to have the surgery. It saved my life. It gave me a new start because I was stuck in a rut and it let me see myself for a whole new person that I was supposed to be. I love life and I'm more active. I'm in the gym working out. I'm meeting new people. My cholesterol numbers are now normal and I'm no longer borderline diabetic. My blood pressure has been normal since immediately after the surgery.  And it's more than just surgery, you have to be willing to change your life. The surgery alone is not going to do it. People look at me and say that I look totally different. It was more than just the weight loss. It's a feeling of accomplishment that I'm able to do this for myself."

Quotes from other Synergy patients

"The results of the procedure exceeded my expectations. I didn't think that it was going to drastically happen the way that it did. My weight before was 324 and my weight now is 182. And it's only been a little over a year. I feel a lot better without having all that weight and I'm happier now than ever. It's also helped with my high blood pressure. It used to be that if I got excited, I would start having really bad chest pains but once I started to lose the weight, all of that just stopped. My life has changed. It's done a whole 180. It's completely different and I love it. It's the best decision that I've ever made."


--Letisha, Synergy Bariatrics Patient

"I've got my life back. I had high blood pressure and I don't have any issues with that now. My weight was 490 and now I'm 218. I used to do a lot of sitting around and now I have an active lifestyle, always moving. I think you need to give the program 100% opportunity to work before you start deviating from it. You've got to be true to yourself."


--Joseph, Synergy Bariatrics Patient