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Why Bariatric Surgery?

  • Bariatric surgery works by improving your metabolism, which helps control appetite and burn calories

  • May allow for improvement in obesity-related diseases, such as diabetes and high blood pressure

  • Improve your quality of life

  • Synergy offers many weight loss surgery options, including:

    • gastric bypass​

    • sleeve gastrectomy

Bariatric surgery for better quality of life and health.

Choosing to undergo bariatric or weight loss surgery is a big decision. There are several important steps that must be completed to begin the process.

We are proud of every one of our patients!

 1. Calculate your BMI to ensure the you meet one of the the following             


  • BMI > 40 

  • BMI > 35, with other chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and sleep apnea



2. Register for either our pre-recorded online seminar, in person seminar or           live webinar.  

       This presentation discusses the weight loss surgery options offered by      

       Synergy Bariatrics, including risks, complications, and required lifestyle changes



3. Complete your new patient registration packet.



4. Once we have received your packet we will call you to schedule your                  consultation.


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